Home Building And Repairs
Take Shadows, Shading and Movement of Sun into Consideration
Water Problems For Builders

Structural Framing

Watch This Video Before Building A Home With A Subfloor

Problems With Wood Posts In Planter


Watch This Before You Build A Home With Plumbing In The Floor

Hose Bib Location Tips And Problems With Siding

Why Do I Need A 2 X 6 Plumbing Wall?

Problems From Condensation Drain Line Over Electrical Light Fixtures

Heating And Cooling

Low Ceiling Creates Confined Space - Heating Duct Installation Problems

Lighting And Electrical

Don't Forget about Your Light Switches, When Designing Your Building

High Ceiling Light Bulb Problem

Problems With Low Wall Sconces In Hallways

Electric Meters Near Stairway

Hanging Lights near Doors Could Be a Problem


Avoid Putting Towel Bars Behind Toilets

How To Locate A Shower Head For Tall People

How to Check Floor Drain Pipe Slope Before Moving Toilet


Something To Think About When Designing A Kitchen

Interior Walls

Think Twice Before Using Built-ins

Save Money by Reducing Amount of Wall Studs

Exterior Walls

Extended Stucco Wall Pop Outs Under Windows Can Create Problems

Does Aluminum Stucco Channel Corrode And Stain Exterior Walls?

Leave Room for Window Hinges - Exterior Stucco

Rusting Exterior House Parts - Beach Moisture Damage

Bird House Home Decoration Under Roof

Victorian Home Exterior Design Problem

Stucco Versus Roofing for Fireplace Chimney Design

Can You Hide Plywood Siding Breaks?

Extended Foundation Base for Brick or Stone Might Require Flashing


Think Twice Before Installing Exterior T-Bar Ceiling 

Doors And Windows

Problems With Windows Next To Doors

Extended Window Sills Can Reduce Water Damage - Exterior Stucco

Water Supply Pipe And Glass Door Problems

Windows With A Bad View Of Roof

How Important Is It to Center a Hallway Door

Line Up Doors And Windows


Poor Handrailing Location Can Create Concrete Stair Damage

Possible Safety Issues With Sides of Treads Overhanging Stringer


Exterior Roof Overhang Porch Ceiling Trim Extension

Roof Gutter Downspout Draining Location Problem

Roof Dormer Costs - Building Design Money Saving Tips

Roof Overflow Drain Remodeling Problems

Decks, Porches And Balconies

False Beams Under Balcony

Stucco J Metal Problem At Balcony

Don't Hit Your Head on This Patio Post

Avoid Placing Floor Drains in High-Traffic Areas

Driveways And Walkways

Driveway And Front Door Location

Sidewalk Stain From Roofing

Low Spots Can Create Problems for Building Design


How To Figure The Height of A Chimney

Other Interesting Things

Indoor Atrium Located Near the Center in This House

What Does an Adobe Home Look Like?

Door In Ramp Floor Opening Design Problems

Problems With People Defecating Around Your House

Building Design And Water Drainage

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