Home Building And Repairs

Concrete Cracks and Control Joints

Demolition Tips

Easy Concrete Demolition Using Blocks and Sledge Hammer

Don't Cut Public Sidewalks Without Permission

Pavers And Bricks

Watch This Video Before Building A Brick Walkway

Watch This Video Before You Even Think About Installing Walkway Pavers

Plants And Weeds Can Grow in Between Pavers

Stone And Rock

Flagstone Walkway Water Problems

Damaged Stone Walkway - Is This Mold Or Dirt?

Unwanted Landscaping Trails - Problems and Solutions

Design Ideas

Water Supply Pipes Could Be Problem Near Sidewalks

How Long Can A Concrete Sidewalk Last?

Watch This Video Before Building Long Step Walkway

Check Out This Anti-Slip Sidewalk

Building Perimeter Problem with Moderate Sloping Cross Traffic Walkway

Control Joints, Rebar Dowels or Expansion Joint Materials Next to Building

Control Joints

Concrete Control Joints Can Create Problems for Decorative Art in Walkway

Walkway Control Joint Tips - Concrete Sidewalk Crack Prevention

Line up Control Joints - Sidewalks and Curbs

Tips And Ideas

Light Colored Natural Stone Exterior Walkway Staining And Dirt Problems

How To Prevent Walkways and Driveways from Collapsing

Water Fountains Can Stain Walls and Walkways - Consumer Awareness

Caulking Gap between Building and Sidewalk - Maintenance and Erosion Control

How To Reduce Concrete Walkway Trip Hazards

Easy To Notice Sidewalk Damage Clues

Don't Install Concrete Sidewalks Next To Wood Siding

Concrete Stair Riser And Sidewalk Tip

Here's What Happens When Rebar Is Too Close To Concrete Surface

Walkway Problems

Sidewalk Damage from Roof Gutter Drain

Gutter Downspout Water Damage to Sidewalk

Broken Sprinkler Or Pipe Creates Dirty Sidewalk

Hillside Erosion Usually Means More Walkway, Stairway and Path Maintenance


Sidewalk Patch And Concrete Shrinkage

Add More Cement When Patching Concrete

Concrete Can Crack When Water Accumulates On Walkway
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