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How To Build And Frame Stairs With Routed Stringers

This book will provide you with a method for laying out a template or pattern that can be used along with a router to create one of the strongest stairways without using brackets. It's not a common method used for building stairs, because most carpenters don't know how to do it. Definitely a book carpenters and framing contractors should have in their library.

This book includes book 1 and will provide you with
step-by-step detailed instructions on how to design, layout stair stringers and assemble a straight set of stairs using conventional framing methods. Book one will also provide you with instructions for calculating treads and riser heights and lengths that will be used when laying out the pattern for your routered stringers.

Book 1 - How To Build And Frame Stairs
Book 2 - How To Build And Frame Stairs With Landings
Book 3 - How To Build And Frame Winder Stairs
Book 4 - How To Build And Frame Circular Stairs
Book 5 - How To Build And Frame Stairs With Brackets
Book 6 - How To Build And Frame Stairs With Odd Shapes
Book 7 - How To Build And Frame Stairs With Routed Stringers
Book 8 - How To Build And Frame Stair Handrails

The author has built over 1000 stairways and taught people in different parts of the world how to build a variety of different types of stairways. He has spent 35 years in the construction industry working on practically every type of project you can imagine as a master carpenter.

How To Build And Frame Stairs With Routed Stringers

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