Simplified Guide For Hiring Contractors

You're probably wondering why a contractor would reveal any secrets, to the opposite side or why anyone would write another book on how to hire a contractor, when there are already plenty of them, on the market today?

Do we really need another book on hiring contractors?

I believe we do, because I’m not entirely happy with the books available on the market today, about hiring contractors.  Most non fiction writers try to create better products and organize information more efficiently, for their readers.

If the newer books are better, it won’t be long before the older ones get replaced.

By sharing my knowledge as a contractor and some of the problems I've had in the past, with my readers, I think I can eliminate some of their concerns.  I believe I can even solve some of their problems, before they ever happen.

I want to teach you how to avoid problems and hire good contractors you work well with.  Good contractors you'll build a lifelong relationship with.

Simply by providing you with a little information about contractors I've worked with in the past, you should be able to visualize in your mind, the exact type of contractor you need to hire. 
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