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2011 Stair Building Videos

1/14/2011 Poor Stairway Planning And Design - Riser Problems

1/14/2011 Floor And Landing Riser Problem - Building Stairways And Construction

1/14/2011 Problems With Rusting Nails - Stair Building Tips

1/15/2011 Exterior Wood Stairway Repair, Creates Safety Hazard

1/15/2011 Exterior 2 x 12 Stair Tread Damage And Repair Solutions

1/15/2011 Stucco And Exterior Stairway Damage - Wood Rot

1/28/2011 Stucco Stair Guardrailing Problems - House Inspection Tips

1/31/2011 Marking Stair Stringer Tip - How To Build Stairs

1/31/2011 Framing Square Stair Layout Tread Mark - Stairway Construction Tips

1/31/2011 Stair Stringer Layout And Last Step Tip - Building Stairways

1/31/2011 Stair Layout Framing Square Tip - Staircase Construction

2/1/2011 Use A Framing Square For Large Treads - Construction Tips

2/4/2011 Lumber Defects And Crowns - Selecting Stair Treads And Stringers

2/4/2011 Lumber Imperfections On Stair Stringers - Wood Sap

2/5/2011 Building Drain Creates Safety Hazard - Poor Concrete Stairway Design

2/5/2011 Stairway Security Gate Between Homes - Home Protection

2/7/2011 Problems With Large Concrete Stair Treads - Public Safety

2/10/2011 Cracked And Sagging Wood Stair Steps - Exterior Stair Repairs

2/11/2011 Closing Treads With O.S.B. Stair Riser - Staircase Construction

2/11/2011 How To Make A Step Under Cut At Last Tread - Building Stairs Tips

2/12/2011 Outside Wood Stairway Problems And Tips - Apartment Stairways

2/15/2011 Large Rock With Concrete Steps Attached - Nature Or Architecture Wonder

2/15/2011 No Painting Could Create Stairway Damage - Old Wooden Stairway

2/22/2011 Wood Stair Stringer Embedded In Concrete - Stairway Construction

3/16/2011 Paint Grade Stair Handrailing - Stairway Construction Ideas

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