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2020 Construction Videos

1/4/2020 - How To Form And Screed Side Sloping Driveway - Design And Finishing Tips

1/9/2020 - Modified Wood Bridge Design Ideas From One Of Leonardo Da Vinci's Plans

1/12/2020 - What Is A Strong Back And How Is It Used By Carpenters When Building Homes
1/17/2020 - Simple Method For Checking Bathtub Shower Walls For Water Leaks - House Repair Forensics

1/22/2020 - How To Build Corner Cantilever Balcony - Home Design And Framing Ideas

1/27/2020 - How A Raised Patio or Walkway Can Damage Your House - Home Owners Beware

2/2/2020 - How To Calculate Some Wall Framing Stud Sizes - Building Code Education

2/7/2020 - Learn How Centering Deck Joist or Adding A Few More Can Make Your Deck A Lot Stronger

2/12/2020 - A Few Ideas For Making A Four Post Structure Like A Carport Structurally Stronger

2/16/2020 - What Building Code Books Say About Drilling Through Wall Framing Studs - Plumbing And Electrical

2/20/2020 - Simple Plumbing Drain Pipe Installation Methods To Avoid Drilling Through Wall Framing King Studs

2/24/2020 - How Carpenters Built Arches In Old Houses - Without Plywood or Adhesives

2/29/2020 - Learn How Two Quarters Can Become Half A Bath And Four Can Become A Full Bath

3/4/2020 - Cost Comparison For Gable Roof Trusses Versus Roof Rafters - Two Car Garage Framing Design Ideas

3/10/2020 - How To Frame And Build A Double Curved Wall - Advanced Framing Techniques

3/15/2020 - Tile Floor Layout Tips For The Most Common Bathroom In America - Tips And Tricks

3/21/2020 - Watch This Video Before Doing Major Damage To Floor Framing Joist When Adding New Bathroom

3/27/2020 - My Wife's Coronavirus Toilet Paper Saver - Bidet Sprayer With 8 Inch Extender

4/2/2020 - A Few Suggestions Before Installing Sleeves Around Concrete Posts To Prevent Frozen Ground Heaving

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