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2021 Construction Videos

1/1/2021 - How To Calculate And Layout Hip And Valley Roof Rafters Using Math Formula And Framing Square

1/5/2021 - Plumbing Drain Pipe Installation Could Cost You A Lot of Money When Building A Guest Home

1/9/2021 - How To Center Exterior Lights, Clean-outs And Vents In Your Lap Siding - Better Home Building Tips

1/13/2021 - 434 Square Foot Small House Building Plans Tour - Floor Plan, With Furniture  And Exterior Views

1/16/2021 - How To Build The Perfect Circular Concrete Forms When Something Is Blocking Your Center Point

1/19/2021 - How Much Money Can You Save Hanging Drywall Vertically or Horizontally - Taping And Finishing

1/23/2021 - How To Create Square Layout Perimeter So You Can Locate Accurate Concrete Footings For Your New Deck

1/27/2021 - Concrete Foundation With Underground Plumbing Installation For 434 Square Foot Small House

1/31/2021 - How To Calculate The Ridge Height And Rafter Span On A Gable Roof With Two Different Pitches

2/3/2021 - A Few Things To Check Before Calling For Your First House Framing Inspection - Helping New Builders

2/8/2021 - Wall And Ceiling Framing For 434 Square Foot Small House - Home Building Ideas And Examples

2/12/2021 - Cheap Repair Ideas - How To Use Foundation Beam To Raise And Support Sagging Crawlspace Floors

2/16/2021 - Ideas For Building Concrete Garage Foundation On Sloping Hillside - Home Building Learning Examples

2/19/2021 - Rough Plumbing And Roof Framing For 434 Square Foot Small House - Home Building Ideas And Examples

2/23/2021 - Small Wood Roof Truss Repairs That Might Work When Both Top And Bottom Cords Are Damaged or Cut

2/27/2021 - How Plumbers Use A String To Locate Pipes In Wall Framing Before Concrete Is Poured In Foundation

3/3/2021 - How To Use Smaller Beams To Fix Sagging Roof In Older Garages With 2 x 4 Rafters

3/7/2021 - Structural Rebar Layout For Sloping Concrete Garage Foundation - Learn How To Build Project

3/10/2021 - Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Contractors And Do It Yourself Home Remodeling People Who Love Learning

3/14/2021 - EASIEST Method Ever For Making SHED Roof Rafters Without Math Formulas For Do It Yourselfers

3/18/2020 - How To Possibly Build Deck Without Getting An EXPENSIVE Building Permit -  Saving Time And Money

3/21/2021 - Watch This Video Before Removing Interior Walls To Install Ceiling Beams - Open Concept Remodeling

3/25/2021 - How To Build Small Covered Patio Roof And Concrete Floor - Do It Better Yourself And Save Money

3/30/2021 - How To Put Together Bathroom Drain Pipe Components So You Can Move Sink Over A Few Inches or Feet

4/3/2021 - EASIEST Method For Calculating "Skillion Roof Rafters And Walls" Without Complicated Math Formulas

4/6/2021 - Learn How You Can Repair Wall Framing When Tree Roots Have Raised Corner Of Garage Foundation

4/10/2021 - Watch This Video Before Building Backyard PANEL Fence On Sloping Ground That Is Not Level

4/14/2021 - How To Calculate Wall Height Difference When Framing Roof With Different Pitches For Fascia Board

4/16/2021 - Help Me, Help You - List The Videos YOU Want Me To Create - Building - Repairs - Remodeling

4/19/2021 - Ten Deck Building Problems Do It Yourselfer's Need To Know About - Product And Design Video Tips

4/23/2021 - How To Calculate Gambrel Roof Rafters Lengths And Wall Heights Without Complicated Math Formulas

4/27/2021 - Part One - Building Plan Views For Second Story Home Addition Built Over Existing House

4/30/2021 - Best Advice For Home Owners Who Don't Want To Pay Ridiculous Prices For Lumber - 2021 Shortage

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