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Artificial Rock Planter Problems - Exterior Wall Water Damage


Use Pavers Instead of Concrete Around Trees Near Walkways

Hedge Shadows Can Create Walkway Problems

Apartment Landscaping Lawsuit Path - Safety and Accident Prevention

How To Use Rocks To Reduce Soil Erosion

Landscaping Gravel Can Create Problems for Walkways and Streets

Gutters And Site Drainage Problems - Landscaping Design

Poor Planning And Small Pole Lights Get Kicked Over

Keep Plants And Cactus Away From Fire Egress Windows

Tree Roots Can Move Small Retaining Walls


Water Leaking From Tree Roots

Trees Can Grow Around Plumbing Valves and Pipes

Watch This Video Before Planting Ficus Trees Next to Building

Shady Trees Can Cause Roof Fascia Board Damage

Can Large Trees Lift up Large Driveways?

Telephone Wires in Trees

Don't Let Trees Grow Next To Telephone Poles

What's Stronger A Large Tree Or A Concrete Landscaping Curb?

Retaining Wall Cracks from Trees

Large Tree Roots Could Damage Street

Sprinklers And Watering Ideas

Keep Wood Posts Away from Sprinkler

Water Leak Or Sprinklers Creates Excessive Weed Growth

Don't Build Enclosures over Landscaping Sprinklers


Keep Concrete Planters Away From Building

Lowering Soil Level in Planters Can Reduce or Eliminate Building Damage

Tips And Ideas

Possible Concrete Bench Damage

Landscaping Hedges Can Attack House

Exterior Home Water Damage From Roof

New House Purchasing Landscaping Tips

Keep Ivy Away From House

Gas Meter Behind Plants

How To Unload Extremely Large Pavers

Safety Tips

Low Tree Limbs Create Safety Hazards

Metal Landscaping Decorations With Sharp Protruding Shapes Can Be Dangerous

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